winter sports travel insurance

Fully flexible cover
that won't leave you
out in the cold

  • Lift Pass cover
  • Piste closure cover
  • Equipment cover

There's nothing quite like a day out on the piste - we're sure you'll agree. To guard against those slip-ups on the slopes, we're offering you the most flexible insurance available at the very best prices. Don't get left out in the cold - choose to gosimply.

Benefits of Winter Sports Travel Insurance

gosimply skiing

We know the importance of providing the best skiing insurance at the cheapest possible prices, but remember, it's not just about how cheap ski insurance is, but also the level of protection that the policy offers you and your family.

From broken cameras to - dare we say it - broken limbs, our winter sports travel insurance policies are designed to give you peace of mind whilst skiing or snowboarding down the slopes worldwide.

You can enjoy your time on piste, safe in the knowledge that your package provides full medical assistance, emergency helicopter rescue if required and covers equipment damage or loss.

Ski equipment cover £300 - £500
Ski equipment cover in case of theft, damage or loss. Hired ski equipment is covered also.
Winter sports hire £200 - £300
If personal or hired winter sports equipment has been stolen, damaged or has gone missing, we'll cover you to hire replacement ski equipment.
Winter sports pack £250 - £350
If you can't make use of a lift pass or can't take your pre-booked ski lessons due to an accident or illness (or theft of the lift pass), we will offer you compensation.
Piste closure £200 - £300
If the slopes are closed due to a lack of snow or bad weather conditions, we'll offer you compensation.

Some of the benefits offered by our travel insurance policies are subject to an excess: Cancellation, curtailment, medical expenses, baggage, loss of passport, missed departure, abandonment, valuables, cash, ski equipment and documents are subject to a £70 excess. Personal liability is subject to a £90 excess.

Health and safety advice for skiers and snowboarders

Here's a few tips to help you get the most out of your snowboarding or skiing holiday.

  • Exercise in advance - Skiing and snowboarding can be physically demanding. Getting fit before the ski holiday can be great fun with friends and family.
  • Use the correct ski equipment - Don't be tempted to borrow poor fitting equipment, it could ruin your enjoyment and even cause an accident.
  • Wear a Helmet - Not only a trendy accessory - it's an essential piece of kit that quite simply saves lives.
  • Be prepared - The weather can turn from crystal clear to a white-out in minutes. Always have a good hat, gloves and layer up.
  • Take lessons - They are not just for the absolute beginner. Lessons can greatly improve anyones enjoyment of skiing and snowboarding.
  • Take regular breaks - Fatigue is a dangerous thing on the slopes. Take regular breaks to have a drink and a snack.
  • Never Ski Alone - Always ski or snowboard with a friend so that help is at hand if needed.
  • Know your limits - Statistically, most accidents occur when people exceed their ability and limits.
Ski insurance travel cover

F.A.Q for snowboarding and ski insurance cover

Will my ski insurance enable me to ski anywhere?
Off-piste skiing/snow boarding is restricted to within resort boundaries or if with a registered and qualified guide.

What if there is a lack of snow on the ski slopes?
You are covered up to the amounts specified on your policy schedule per 24 hours if there is a lack of snow or bad weather conditions in your holiday resort and the pistes are closed (thus preventing you from skiing). Cover is only available during the months that constitute the local regular ski season and where you purchased your policy more than 14 days before your departure date.

Does my ski insurance include competitive skiing or practise for a competition?
No. Ski policies generally exclude activities such as ski jumping, ice hockey, the use of skeletons or bobsleighs, taking part in International and National events, their heats or officially organised practice or training for such events.

Is my ski equipment covered against theft, damage and loss?
Ski equipment is a normal part of winter sports travel insurance but only to the value specified within the policy. Most policies will take into account the age of the equipment, condition and state of repair when calculating any payments. Proof of purchase and maintenance receipts may be required to support the value of the claim, so keep them safe.

Did you know?

  • The world's longest natural ski run is said to be the Vallee Blanche at Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France with a vertical drop of 2807 meters or 9209 feet.
  • The world's highest "ski resort" is said to be in South America's poorest country, Boliva, atop Mt. Chacaltaya.
  • The world speed record on skis is held by Simone Origone of Italy at 251.4 km/h (156.2 mi/h). The record was achieved at Les Arcs in France in April 2006.
  • The world's longest pair of skis ever made measured 104 metres, or 343.8 feet and were skied down 300 metres of the Plan de Gralba mountain in Alto Adige in Italy on April 8, 2004 by 101 ski instructors from Selva Gardena ski school.

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top destinations

Europe offers some of the most extensive skiing and snowboarding experiences in the world. Here's a few places you might like:-

  • Espace Killy, France
    - A great super resort
  • La Grave, France
    - A Powder haven
  • Track Galtur, Austria
    - Off-the-beaten track

weather conditions

A vital component of any ski or snowboarding holiday is of course the snow. With the winter sports travel insurance we offer, if you find that the slopes are closed because of insufficient snow fall - you're covered.