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As with all our policies, gosimply backpacker travel insurance offers the best combination of affordability and flexibility available - leaving you free to roam the globe worry-free.

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Hitting the open road as a backpacker is truly one of the most fulfilling experiences life has to offer, and our cover is as flexible as your travel plans. Perhaps you've just graduated and want to see some of what the world has to offer, or maybe you're taking a little time out from the stresses of the job, either way we've got you covered.

  • For individuals, couples and families
  • Sports and activities cover
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Whether you're travelling for just a few weeks, a month or a year - we'll be there every step of the way with the most flexible, affordable backpacker travel insurance available anywhere. With cover starting from under £20, there's no better way to protect you and your belongings for less.

Tips to grab a free flight upgrade

Although free or 'operational' upgrades do happen, it's actually a rarity. Stack the odds in your favour with these top tips from our ever informative research boffins.

Backpacker checklist
  • Use your salutation.
    If you have a professional title such as Doctor, MD, Professor, Judge or Councillor - use it!
  • Make your trip special.
    If you're jetting off for an important event... say for instance... your honeymoon, drop it into conversation while at the check-in.
  • Fly solo.
    You'll have a better chance of being upgraded if you state that you are travelling alone (even if you're with a friend). Couples and groups are much harder to place.
  • Join a frequent flyer club.
    It's a great way to get regular upgrades whilst building up your travel points.
  • Just smile!
    Being friendly and polite at the check-in desk and with the cabin crew may improve your chances; demanding an upgrade is less likely to work.

Yes, yes we know - it's all about travelling light, but in our experience there are a few essentials no intrepid traveller should be without:

  • A good supply of quality plasters for those little accidents and not so little blisters.
  • A penknife or pocket knife can help in a thousand and one situations, especially if it includes extra tools like scissors, tin opener and corkscrew. Unless you enjoy getting stopped, searched and questioned at the airport, make sure you don't put it in your hand luggage!
  • A small water filter, tablets or drops is a must if you're heading out to a remote or exotic location where drinking water may be an issue.
  • A plastic sleeve with photocopies of important documents and a page of useful contact information like the British Embassy and your travel insurer.
  • Carry proof of any vaccinations, it's also a good idea to include a couple of photocopied pages from a guidebook for planning and information and to remind you of the laws and customs of countries you will be visiting.
  • Flip Flops and a towel - Not all hostels provide towels. Flip Flops come in handy when the showers aren't the cleanest.
  • A Money belt is generally a safer place to carry your valuables than your back pack.
  • Needless to say, your backpackers insurance certificate with policy number and contact details.

Safety tips for women backpackers

Cover for lost luggage

Backpacking alone can be a daunting experience for anyone but possibly more so for a lone female traveller. Below we have given some helpful tips that can help you blend in with the crowds and avoid unwanted attention.

  • Try not to look like a tourist; don't wear lots of jewellery or carry around expensive looking accessories.
  • Stash cash in your bra or sock so you've always got an emergency supply.
  • In Asia or the Middle East, dress modestly with long sleeves, long skirts or trousers. In India, the more like a tent you look, the better.
  • In some countries, you may need to cover your hair with a sarong or bandanna to help avoid too much unwanted male attention, more so if you are blond.
  • Be aware in crowds - Some thieves prefer crowded areas. Stay alert in places like bus stations and street celebrations where thieves can easily bump into you and steal your possessions.
  • In the worst case, if your bag is grabbed, let it go, after all that's what your backpacker insurance is for - better to fill out forms and deal with the police than end up in a situation with an attacker that may be armed and dangerous.

Do you know whats happening where you're heading?

Let's face it, a backpacking holiday is hardly about sitting around by the pool and eating out at expensive restaurants - so it's probably best to do a little extra research before you go. Even neighbouring countries can uphold vastly differing rules and cultural boundaries. To help you on your way, here are a couple of useful links.

It's good to be prepared and above all have adequate travel insurance, but we're sure you'll agree that it's even better when you don't have to call on it.

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