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Single Trip Insurance
that won't leave you
high and dry

  • Fantastic value for money
  • Bolt-on extras for any trip
  • Fully Flexible options

You can just picture it - you're enjoying a well-deserved trip to your dream destination, when one of life's little 'mishaps' pops up, threatening to spoil it all. With our excellent single trip insurance you needn't leave it to chance.

Single Trip Holiday Insurance a few clicks away

We provide robust travel insurance cover to deal with those nasty surprises that can occur in foreign countries.

lost luggage at airport

We like to think you'll stay safe and sound, but accidents occasionally happen and - as dear old mum always told us - it's best to be prepared.

Few countries provide free health-care to visitors, which means you'll have to pay any associated medical bills. Ouch.

Get an instant quotation and put those worries behind you.

Extra coverage when you need it

Looking for a little extra adventure? No problem.

Single trip holiday insurance around the globe

With our fully flexible single trip travel insurance, you call the shots. Just select the additional cover you need to meet your travel needs and we'll supply the quote - it's as simple as that.

Additional bolt-ons aren't simply limited to extreme sports, we also offer additional cover for winter sports, the over 65's and for those travelling with pre-existing medical conditions. As we said, extra coverage, when you need it.

Top tips for single trip insurance

Avoid some of the potential pit-falls and headaches of travelling with these top tips, provided by our rather helpful research boffins.

  • Leave plenty of time to get to the airport.
    It's obvious - but there's too many stories of people missing their flight for it to be a myth. Stressing to the eye-balls before you start is not our recommended way to start your holiday.
  • Leave a touring schedule with friends and family.
    Check-in on a regular basis. If something has happened then it'll only be hours or a day before someone starts asking questions rather than weeks.
  • Carry 2 copies of important documents in separate bags.
    Lost or delayed luggage is a big problem. Carry a separate copy of documents and contact numbers as a precaution.
  • Know the laws and customs of your destination.
    Pick up a guide book and swot up on local laws and customs. After all, who wants to spend their long awaited holiday in a foreign jail or have to cut the trip short because of a hefty fine.

Grab a complimentary EHIC card

The EHIC Card can go a long way to helping with immediate health care problems in the European Economic Area.

Medical Advice for Single Trip Insurance

Although it's not a replacement for good single trip travel insurance, it's FREE. You can apply online or pick up a form at the local post office.

A full break down of the treatment available for EHIC Card holders can be found at the NHS Choices web site.

Please note: The EHIC card doesn't mean you'll get everything you'd get in the UK for free. Due to variations between the various national health systems, you may have to contribute to the cost of any medical care.

Whats happening where you're heading?

If you've planned the journey of a lifetime across lands afar, it might be worth checking before you leave to get the latest on local political situations and government travel advice.

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