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Meet and Greet
Priority Meet and Greet Parking reviews
"...We were rather confused on our return to see the car park where we expected to pick up our car was being dug up!!!.."
97% customer-rating
8 reviews
Award Winner
gosimply award
Central Car Storage reviews
"...We arrived early but the staff took that in their stride with no problems. We returned late having been diverted to a different airport and received the same friendly and supportive service. Fully recommended..."
95% customer-rating
927 reviews
Meet and Greet
Drive Fly Meet and Greet reviews
"...I returned back from holiday and signed for my car as all appeared OK. What I didn't check was underneath the car and under the bonnet. Why would you? They gave my car back to me in a dangerous state with bits hanging off the underside. They have done considerable damage and have told me that as I signed their paper they deny all responsibility. I will not use them again and cannot possibly stress enough my utter dissatisfaction with them..."
91% customer-rating
142 reviews
Award Winner
gosimply award
Meet and Greet
CCS Meet and Greet Parking reviews
"...On return our flight had been delayed by 6 hours, but this was no trouble to the team who had our car waiting for us at the collection point. A first class service, I will use again. Karl Dyke.."
91% customer-rating
121 reviews
Meet and Greet
Swift Meet and Greet Parking reviews
"...Great service. Everything worked as per their instructions. The only tricky bit was finding where to drop off the car at the short term car park..."
90% customer-rating
186 reviews
Meet and Greet
Meet and Greet Luton reviews
"...The drop off was ok , but the return was shocking. I called after bags arrived as per their request and I was asked to walk to car park. I had 2 little children and it was raining. The car only arrived 45 minutes later..."
89% customer-rating
176 reviews
Paige Airport Parking reviews
"...Excellent service only had to wait 10 to 15 minutes for a minibus to take us back to our vehicle.."
88% customer-rating
360 reviews
Luton Airparks reviews
"...Parking the car was efficient and quick. The shuttle was quick too. However I paid for meet and greet and could find the car. Expected the driver to be in the airport arrivals not hidden away in a car park in the dark late at night. Not a good service.."
87% customer-rating
987 reviews
Award Winner
gosimply award
Pink Pig Parking reviews
"...Had no problem with this company last year, but they have changed their system to become a drop and go service. Car had an extra 20 miles on the clock from when we dropped it and was very very dusty so I imagine it was in a field somewhere for two weeks. We had to wait 45 mins for our bags, and despite the fact that we hadn't called to request our car it was already at the pick up point when we called to say we were ready. This meant it had been there longer than the 20 mins we had been allowed for the 4 we gave the man, and we're asked to pay another 6 to get the car out of the car park. Eventually sorted out but not needs at 1am. Won't use again.."
87% customer-rating
303 reviews
Meet and Greet
Stress Free Meet and Greet Parking reviews
"...Drop off was on time and driver was ready when we arrived. Pick up was equally good, with only a short waiting time. Would use again..."
84% customer-rating
7 reviews
CarParkz reviews
"...As mentioned in my summary we were transferred to PAIGE parking & we were completely satisfied with all services provided.."
83% customer-rating
77 reviews
Meet and Greet
CarParkz Meet and Greet reviews
" in unload cases short walk to check in about 10 miniutes better than waiting for coach for 10/15 mins whats not to like about it.."
79% customer-rating
15 reviews
Short Term Parking reviews
"...This is the most convenient of the car parks at Luton but the price for short term parking is a little on the expensive side. Ok if you do not have much time to be bothering with waiting around for buses..."
76% customer-rating
205 reviews
Long Term Parking reviews
"...Everything went well, the only slight problem was with our SATNAV finding the car park. Parking was easy and the transfers were good on both occasions..."
75% customer-rating
510 reviews
Mid Term Parking reviews
"...Directions to midterm parking are easy to follow. Once there, there is no leaving of keys so it's quick to go to the nearby bus transfer stop. The car park is only a few moments from the airport so v convenient..."
74% customer-rating
132 reviews

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